One Unit Whole Blood on DOSBox - adjust music volume?

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One Unit Whole Blood on DOSBox - adjust music volume?

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I have the One Unit Whole Blood release of the game and want to play it through DOSBox. The problem I'm facing like tons of others have reported in the past is that the in-game music volume is really high and can't be adjusted. However, I tried all of the suggestions I've come across online (custom SVN builds, specially configured DOSBox exe, editing the dosbox conf file, etc), but none of them work, the sliders still don't change the music volume. For many people, the above suggestions worked, but it isn't doing it for me.

It's worth noting that DOSBox is playing the midi music at max volume, which doesn't adjust with the in-game sliders. It's not even the CD music. Another thing I noticed is I tried changing the music volume values in the game's setup.exe, in-game, editing the blood.cfg file. None of these do anything at all.

What should I set the sound and music cards to in the setup.exe? I tried GUS for both, but it won't start up, saying it can't find ultramid.ini I also tried soundblaster, but it won't start up with that, either, saying fm chip not found.
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