Seriously starting to dislike GoG.

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Seriously starting to dislike GoG.

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I know my growing dismay at Good Old Games is probably unfair, but I can't help it. I find the overt willingness to age the box art with filters completely annoying. Is it absolutely required that an older game not have appealing artwork? I've seen movie posters for film titles from the 70's and 80's get the same crappy treatment. The normalization of emulators that barely make a game playable leaves me infuriated. Blood at 25 frames a second is okay? Really?

Okay, spastic fit achievement complete. Someone talk me down from rant'o'matic mode.

*goes back to yelling at clouds*
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Re: Seriously starting to dislike GoG.

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I have not had any real performance problems when it comes to the release of Blood, but I have expressed some other complaints with it: ... n-gog.5491

If we are talking FPS though I would say a bigger problem is its tendency to jump all over the place rather than staying at a flat 25 or so:

That being said, it would take a lot to knock off as my preferred games seller at the moment. A lot.
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