CSQC Menu and hud

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CSQC Menu and hud

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Hi ;)

I would like to implement a new hud system with client-side QC as a learning experience into Transfusion, based on this tutorial:

Optimally the end result would be a version of TF that runs on the newest Darkplaces engine, as the hud is I think almost the only thing that doesn't work right now (and the napalm launcher is invisible).

I have pulled the latest svn already and set it up with the newest DP version, but the menu is completely different from what I get when using the 1.05 beta (also with the newest DP) and it doesn't recognize the maps etc. So I I wondering if the SVN is really the latest code version? I am using the trunk/qblood qc files and compile them with fteqcc.

Any hints on setting up a optimal TF install for development?

P.S.: Why are the .qc files in the progs folder btw. souldn't they be in a source or qc folder?
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