About XenoBlood mods

Cool ideas, unfortunately, they breach copyright.
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About XenoBlood mods

Post by DustyStyx » Tue Apr 06, 2010 09:09 pm

I would like to take the opportunity to state that it is not my wish to stifle innovation, especially among those willing to put in the effort to bring about a quality game conversion. It really is a lot of work and I appreciate the time people have put into what they have done. As many have pointed out, Transfusion had the exact same roots. However there is a right and a wrong way to go about using copyrighted materials, regardless of a monetary gain.

Now the following is my own interpretation, and I have yet to seek out the advice of a lawyer to clarify my understanding, but as it is my understanding, contentiously, I have to follow it.

In the agreement between Transfusion (then qBlood) and Infogrames. We were granted a quitclaim right to use the materials from Blood “for purposes of this one project.”.
Doreen Small, in an email to Joseph Carter wrote:Infogrames is prepared to give the qBlood developers/publishers a royalty free quitclaim license to use the copyrighted materials in Blood and Blood2 for purposes of this one project.
As I interpret the above statement, and other correspondences between members of the original Transfusion team and Infogrames, and because I've really not seen anything else to save us from a “worst case scenario”, the Blood community really only has four options to do something Blood related on the various game engines.

1. Do a Blood mod on Blood's Build engine.
- In this event users can use Blood materials and appropriately licensed materials imported into Blood. (original works, CC licensed, etc.)
2. Do a Blood II mod on Blood II's Lithtech engine.
- Users can use Blood II's and appropriately licensed materials.
3. Do a Transfusion mod on the Transfusion engine.
- Users can use both Blood and Blood 2 materials as well as appropriately licensed materials.
4. Do something inspired by Blood but with completely original materials (such as was done with Open Arena in the case of Q3A)

Because many of the mods listed here have used some of the materials developed for Transfusion, if Transfusion were to sanction xenoBlood mods (mods made on engines other than those specified above), we will in effect be in violation of our agreement made with Infogrames. Violating that agreement would not be in the best interest of Transfusion, or that of it contributing members.

I hope that clarifies the position I've taken on the matter. I don't want to be an ogre about the situation, but again as it is my understanding, in good contentiousness, I have to follow it.