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One question

Post by Leon »

Hi. Where can i get full list unofficial add-on for Blood 1 & Blood 2? :spider:
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Post by Daedalus »

Your nearest retailer.
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Post by DustyStyx »

There isn't one really. Game Leader probably had the most compleet list at the time for Blood 1, but it went down a few years ago. I have a backup of his Blood maps page if your interested in it.

There is also a large collection of maps over at RTCM
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Post by oBe »

I think this is fairly complete:

* Legend Of Ravenloft: pretty decent 3 level mission pack. Easy to get lost in though
* Gods: complex designed episodes but far too confusing for me
* Banzai: widely spread and known I guess
* Bloodlines TC:
- beta
- demo
- 4 unused maps
* Blood Chronicals: cut and pasted episodes me thinks
* Blood Lost Episodes: probably the same concept
* Blood maps: archive I gathered earlier. Contains a lot of known stuff from this list but still, 574 maps in total
* Carnage: the latest revelation
* Dwayne Anderson’s episodes:
- Circe
- Hall of Epiphany
- Daniel
- Tchernobog In Time
- LOI1,2 (I’m missing 3)
- Trials Of Destiny (I’ve just got a demo)
Dwayne made a lot of levels but they all suffer the same disease, (namely bogus story and crapdesign)
* Eyes of Blood: ?
* Elmo’s Episode 2-nc: the lastest revelation until Carnage
* Hostile Take Over: 1,5 episodes + BBepisode
* Hydro, Mind and Lagoon: 3 levels by Krunatus
* Inherit The Earth: 3 episode mission pack, pretty decent
* Zippy’s Meltdown and Rip2: few Duke and BB levels for Blood
* Secta: Russian mission pack
* Old Friend: better Russian mission pack
* The Outpost Mortem:Estonian Mission pack
* And need I mention DD's Sin campaign and Montest?
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Post by r_cain »


Ok, where can all this be got from!!

and made to work. That last add-on i found aint working in (un)build xp
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