If Caleb were to make a friend....

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Post by scar3crow »

I dont see a specific reasoning saying that he has to be undead for such actions to invigorate. It can be made to make sense that way, but it is just likely that you could explain it that the same thing that gives ones heart such power for another works just as well regardless of the lively state of the flesh consuming it.

I dont see why Caleb needs to be dead for him to gain something from the consumption of hearts, even if its something as minor as health.
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Post by RedFanatic »

i was thinking that although actual consumtion is more bloody
it would have been better in blood if caleb had a sort of
medalion either tied or sort of growen into the palm of his hand
and when you've killed someone you have a short period of time
to examine his body for something like a red glow on his chest area
and then you press shift to suck the life esscens out of him

so you'd see calebs hand,palm pointing towards the body it
would glow red and the body woth jolt and you'd get health

and i love the idea of cultists eating bodies but maybe not all cultists just
special ones get power from it

Post by Anonymous »

I think Caleb cremated Ophelia because he don't want to see the worms and the putrefication consuming his beloved girl's body. And another thing he doesn't have a showel for dig a grave for Ophelia, but he has napalm fuel and a lighter.
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Post by mouth »

I think it's also some sort of a ritual. :shrug:

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Post by Drakan »

I'm kinda thinking it's a funeral. He does whisper "Sleep Ophelia..."
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Post by mouth »

Well ya, I kinda thought it in that way. Funeral is a ritual of some sort ain't it? ;) Touching scene aint it.
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Post by Blood of Nightmares »

Caleb will make good friends with the gunslinger El Topo


(before he got turned into a buddist bald headed christina monk at the seconded part of the film)....
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Post by r_cain »

Or is this Caleb earning some booze-money?
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