Walkthroughs/Gameplay of the BLOOD expansions !

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Walkthroughs/Gameplay of the BLOOD expansions !

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Here you can put the link of the walkthrough or others videos of the BLOOD expansions, i think a lot of expansions are awesome and should be showed to people (with a good render if possible! ^^)
My favorite are "French Meat" (very classic) and Death Wish (nightmare style sometimes who is wonderful),

First, i liked so much Death Wish than i have made a videoclip, like an amv, but i wanted show to people the best parts of the expansion with a nice remix of Unholy Voices (BLOOD 2 Resurrection remix):
(spoiler: it contains a lot of last scenes, even the last one)

It's not to show off, but it can be fun to show to people who dont know BLOOD, how interesting can be the game in Well Done or Extra Crispy, sometimes we can rush, sometimes we must take care, like a snake. I could use Well Done but i did it yet, i wanted try in Extra Crispy/1life per map (but i save in the beginning of the maps, if i die, i don't want lose my weapons.)
I don't find a lot of secrets but i have found the secrets ones (for French Meat, i have asked to Tedd how to find the secret exit, for Death Wish, i have checked the videos of Lingyan203, for Banzai, i have found it myself).

Gameplay of "French Meat" Expansion, classic expansion but i liked the style of Tedd for his maps! Nice relief too! :)

Gameplay of "Death Wish" Expansion, wonderful level with a nightmare style with a lot of themed maps! (e2m1=>e2m2=>e2m3, by exemple, so epic!)

I liked how Death Wish used airplane/ship in e2m1 but it doesnt look like futurist airship with neon and light, it reminds me more very dark steampunk things (not really steampunk), but it keep really the style of the original game!

Gameplay of "Banzai addons", a lot of ammo but the maps are really fun too ! (i used banzai_p, idk if it was the good version...)

So awesome to see how much expansions there is for this game, especially when you see how hard can be Build for programing ! ^^'
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