LOI2 Spoiler Details

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LOI2 Spoiler Details

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I'm making good progress so far on the remake for LOI2. The sequel as you all know is entitled "Unfinished Business". Like Scourge of Humanity, Unfinished Business will have 28 levels. So far I am working on level ten and have the level outlines for the next seven levels prepapred. There will also be five episodes just like in Scourge of Humanity. There will be more new sounds, new music tracks, and improvement to the storyline.

Most people who played the original LOI2 were disappointed, so I intend to make up for it. The new and improved LOI2 will be an even bigger project than Scourge of Humanity, which would probably explain the slower progress.

I will give a few spoilers for the improvements and differences between the original and the remake in terms of storyline:

-Remake is set two months after the events of the original game instead of twenty years.
-Action is set over the course of several days instead of one night.
-Character development is improved.
-Protagonist is actually involved in events such as trying to prevent the thefts of the elemental swords, recovering the Sword of Darkness, and the resurrection of Raven Dark which all occur during the game instead of during the intro of the original.
-Raven Dark's character and past is dramatically altered from the original. Here, he is actually portrayed as a villain worthy of sympathy who was shaped into who he is because of a tragic past.

Also, I will reveal the names of some of the future levels.

-Leviathan's Cove
-Forest of Gloom
-St. Lazarus Chapel
-Lord Draven's Estate
-Scourge Stronghold
-Courts of War
-Sky Ramparts
-Judgement Keep

In the end, I think everybody will like it more than Scourge of Humanity!
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