This new to anyone? (Blood half life 2 source mod)

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This new to anyone? (Blood half life 2 source mod)

Post by TheDerangedOne »

I was searching though mods when I couldn't sleep (today actually, 2/22/12 3:something A.M.) and stumbled upon this:
It's an unfinished project, but might be worth some looking into. Even if half life isn't the best game to use as a base model, this may prove to be good for spreading the knowledge that this game existed, and is worth being remade. Half-Life 2's rather popular as it is, so we can use that for... what's the word... marketing? no that's not quite right, but it's the general concept of the idea though...
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Re: This new to anyone? (Blood half life 2 source mod)

Post by Tchernobog »

This has been going on for a while now. But since it is on Source, you can colour me indifferent.
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Re: This new to anyone? (Blood half life 2 source mod)

Post by I Live...AGAIN »

Yeah, that MOD has been around for awhile. He was going full steam then stalled. Have not heard much about it for over a year now.
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Re: This new to anyone? (Blood half life 2 source mod)

Post by dosgamer000 »

Blood probably needs alot more attention than it has. Although I don't really have any modding skills, I think about Blood 3 and Blood in different types of game genres all the time. For example, I been pondering the idea of a turn-based Blood RPG a-la Final Fantasy (mostly FFX). It's supposed to be a prequel set in the old west and it has each of the Chosen as a character class. Ishmael's an offensive mage, Ophelia has healing magic and speed themed abilities, Gabriel is a physical tank that has high hit points and can take hits for the other Chosen, and Caleb is mixed bag of sorts. He's physical centered but has some magic, he can steal life and mana from the enemy, turn others into zombies, and can use up his health to damage enemies (Blood Mage, I guess). I also have Ophelia as a thief because of her fast and stealth nature, but because she is also a healer I might pass it to Caleb, although it isn't fitting of his battle style and character. Probably not the best RPG to base a Blood game on but it's the one I'm most familiar with.

Speaking of Blood mods, that Extra Crispy mod is perhaps the best Blood 2 mod out there. It isn't perfect (Increased Focus points means that you never run out of ammo for magic weapons for people like Ishmael, Fanatics dropping Automatic Shotguns in regular Blood 2), but it can be great with a little tweaking. Shame there isn't as many single player maps as Bloodbath though.
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