ROTT Influence on BLOOD

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ROTT Influence on BLOOD

Post by BEAST » Fri Aug 26, 2011 04:47 pm

When I first played BLOOD, when I fought against the Cabal monks, I thought they were perhaps borrowed from RISE OF THE TRIAD. When I anticipated the rest of the game, I looked at all of the game site's screenshots and the game's strategy book. For some reason, I kept imagining that the design of the levels for the latter episodes being more ROTT-like. This obviously turned out not to be the case, though I am still impressed with the originality of BLOOD's levels nonetheless.

After reading the archived PC GAMER review of BLOOD on this site, I liked that it acknowledged a RISE OF THE TRIAD influence on the game.

Do any of you see ROTT's influence on BLOOD? Would a ROTT influence enhance the atmosphere for a BLOOD mod?
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Re: ROTT Influence on BLOOD

Post by Tchernobog » Sat Aug 27, 2011 06:11 am

While Blood was certainly influenced by the other games being released at the time, I do not feel ROTT to have had a huge influence on it. The use of Akimbo weapons was highly present in both Blood and ROTT, so that may bear some similarity, but for the most part that is where the similarities, to me at least, end.

After all, the only reason you are fighting a cult in ROTT is that they needed a quick stand in for the Nazis, remember that the game was originally intended to be Wolfenstein II. The rest of the game's design was largely taken from The Doom Bible, which is not surprising considering Tom Hall's prominent role in the project. I would not be surprised if most if not all of the Blood team had played ROTT, especially considering their originally close relationship to 3D Realms, but I do not think it was larger an influence than Doom or Hexen could have been.

Granted, I may be biased by the fact I do not really like Rise of the Triad, which pains me dearly since its source code was released and it has an absolutely beautiful native SDL port which is even available through Fedora's official repositories. The game was cute and in some ways innovative, but the environments were way to vague and the levels dull and complicated. Blood had strong environments and creative and masterful levels.

Of course, if you can enlighten me a bit more about the game, I might just give it another go. And would it be possible for you to offer a link to the PC Gamer article you were referring to?
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