LOI Protagonist and Story

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LOI Protagonist and Story

Post by DwayneA » Fri Jul 15, 2011 03:50 am

For those who are interested in learning about the new storyline in the LOI remake, here it is.


In the final year of World War I, a new army was rising to power. This army, a religious military organization known as the Scourge, founded by a mysterious man named Garibaldi, had members from all across the world and other dimensions. Whether they were killers and murderers fleeing justice, or simple men and women seeking to find their place, anyone could join, promised glory and power. The Scourge made their base in a unknown dimension, free from the spying eyes of outsiders and non-members.

Among its members was a young man named Logan, the son of a gunsmith. Together with his love Katrina, Logan was one of the Scourge's most skilled fighters and sharpshooters. But when Katrina discovered that the Scourge, under Garibaldi's orders, were waging war against mankind, slaughtering the innocent to build an army of the undead to conquer all dimensions, she couldn't bring herself to be part of the madness. When she tried to resign, Garibaldi had her executed for her treason. Griefstricken and enraged, Logan vowed never to forgive Garibaldi or the Scourge.

When the Scourge invade his home city, Logan seeing this as his chance for retribution, determined to save his world, decides to fight back and somehow seal the Scourge from Earth and prevent further invasions. But his mission and crusade will take him back to the Scourge's homeworld where he'll discover the truth about Garibaldi, and a terrible secret his former master has been keeping. His journey will take him through forests, caverns, mountain cliffs, forsaken towns, the Scourge's cathedral, and finally through a monolithic castle, as he fights for revenge, redemption, and a chance to give meaning to the death of his beloved.


Now I'd like to discuss my protagonist. Since many criticized Caleb's portrayal in the original, I created my own. Here are some details and differences between Caleb and Logan.

-Logan fits more into the role of true hero.
-Logan is more sympathetic.
-Logan's character is more deeply developed and explored than Caleb.
-Logan comes with his own set of voices. He uses the same quotes from the original LOI3 and more new ones too!

Logan will also be the protagonist in part 2 where his character will be further developed and explored. But that's another story for later!
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