How to: Adding new sound to Blood without replacing old

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How to: Adding new sound to Blood without replacing old

Post by No One » Mon Oct 25, 2010 01:37 pm

Recently cases of use of new sounds in own addons have become frequent, but not it is pleasant to all to replace native sounds of game favourite by all of us. Certainly it is possible to use another RFF as it was made by founders RATM or BPF, but it takes away a lot of place (especially in a case with BPF) and not always truly works, and as litters a folder with Blood. What to do if sounds it is not enough? Developers of game have provided system of addition of many files on ID, including sound. It becomes easily enough:

1. Create a TXT-file and name it "SND.RFS"
2. Open its notebook and enter lines and in the end don't forget to put a semicolon:

Code: Select all

resource "SND1.raw";
data "SND1.SFX" as 11020: 150, 0x22050, 0x0, 5,-1, "SND1";
resource - "a name your sound file.raw"
data - "a name your sound file.sfx" (can be any as it is created automatically)
as 11020: - number in fields "Data #" for MAPEDIT (can be any)
150, - volume of sounding (from 0 to 300)
0x22050, - sample rate (can be 11025 and 22050)
0x0, - unknown
5, - unknown
-1, - unknown
"SND1"; - a displayed name during playing of your sound in MAPEDIT (can be any)

It would be desirable to add that unknown parameters (0x0, 5 and -1) don't influence in any way for sound work, therefore don't worry about it. In the end of a script never forget to put a semicolon, differently it will be added nothing.

3. Save changes in the script.
4. Start BARF for file addition in game with such parameter:

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barf.exe sounds.rff @snd.rfs
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