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Wrim wrote:That would be awesome! I've been waiting to get my name in there somehow :twisted:
Hey, it is not that difficult. Just do something fun or creative and you will probably end up there eventually. :wink:
DustyStyx wrote: An interesting mechanic would be to track how many kills Caleb has racked up and use that to influence Caleb's final battle with Tchernobog.
Well, every life he had taken had made him stronger as the goat god said, but somehow I doubt they actually implemented that as a game-play mechanic. Especially since a lot of that part of the back-story seems to be somewhat connected to the whole "Beast" thing which never got implemented in the game. Its legacy is however quite evident all over the finished product, most notably in the Plasma Pak, but also in Blood's boss battles, the fact there are four Chosen, and maybe even the origin of the Life Essence powerup itself. Maybe it originally was not just a health boost but was instead necessary in order for the player to achieve their beast form? Just a wild stab in the dark there, but it does seem plausible.
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