Remake of cultic add-on started

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Yes, I know why people want to do it, it's fun to run around with all their favorite weapons from the various games. And if they they have the desire and the know-how to pull it off properly even better! Unfortunately, in many cases, it breaches copyright, and that's where the problem lies.

There's a trick to building a vWep that can resemble the original, but still keep autonomy. This is why we have a shotgun as a stock weapon in 3D shooters. If it's based on a real world item, it seems that object can be reproduced without much issue, so long as it's different enough from everything else out there.

I'm not sure about weapons created just for a game, it might be classified as a sculpture, or maybe a painting, depending on if it was done in 2D or 3D. I really have no clue. It's one of those things to call up a lawyer and get a free consolation about.

A newly modeled fire axe, no problem.
A generic assault rifle that looks like the one in FEAR... find the real world gun that it is based on and make a model of that, problem solved.
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Considering the weapons in question were taken from screenshots of YouTube videos, he could probably get a better and legal effect by going to, say, Wikimedia Commons and finding appropriate images of Axes or Assault Rifles. Do a little magic in Photoshop or The GIMP and Voila! Perfectly legal and usable Weapons sprites!

And that could apply to so much more to. Keep in mind the Doom sprites were done in a somewhat similar manner to this as well.
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Your work has been improving!
Your creativity has gone a lot bigger!
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Re: Remake of cultic add-on started

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Sorry if you waiting... I'm freeze work for any time but now i've continued to make add-on S.E.C.T.

Now i'm working under making better and pretty maps and multi-ending story. There was a chooses: to save world from nuclear war, save family, save soldiers and save friends. All of chooses player can make in gameplay. To release this, i'm create 10 individual maps and 5 copies of maps to make multi-ending (in one episode). All leaves of story was 9 and 10 maps long.
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Re: Remake of cultic add-on started

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Great! I cant wait to see.
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