[MAP/ADD-ON] Alone In The Dark 2

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[MAP/ADD-ON] Alone In The Dark 2

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Really big work though there was no problem completely to copy as in the original (not TC has been done I do).

Level furnish:
- 50 new, high-quality voxel models.
- Atmospheric Music.
- New textures.
- ALL boxes in a map are made sprites, you can break them now!
ImageImageImage ImageImage Image ImageImageImageImage

New types of monsters:
1.Sleep monsters - Under a hanging box the dog it lies after a while will revive, that it has not occurred, you can shoot from a sawn-off shotgun at a chain and then it will press down a box or if you cheater simply to blow up dynamite
2. Long-killed-monsters - Has replaced with them immortal.
3. Patch-sector-monsters - It can and not absolutely the monster, in its traditional understanding, but it too can be killed.
ImageImage ImageImage

System of triggers:

System of Magic:
As well as in Alone In The Dark 1, here you can conjure, but the system has undergone considerable improvements.To start to conjure to you 5 items are required:
- 3 ritual candles
- Ritual heart
- Ritual book
Now in game two pentagrams, therefore these you will need to carry 5 items from one pentagram on another.
ImageImage ImageImage

From BAITD1 there were only two items:
- Crystal Ball (detector of secrets, super-secret)
- Some books
From new items, for example, pseudo-keys, nothing different from the presents.
And it is final much still that.

"Anti-Cheat" System:
On some puzzles are established checkpoints – it is impossible to pick up any item or to come into a room there will not be passed yet a puzzle opening a door, you see, that it is impossible to get to a premise, without having passed through a door (if you have made it, there will be a message that you cheater, and after a while game will take off.)

Gameplay at different difficulty levels:
1 difficulty level – a fact-finding mode, you start at once about an exit, anybody to you does not prevent to leave a map at any time.
2-3 difficulty levels – usual game, you start already in a cellar – on passage.
4 difficulty level – start in the same place, in a cellar, your mission - to kill all.
5 difficulty level– start in a cellar, your mission - to kill all and to find all secrets (on it 15 minutes are given to you)

- some items do not steal up automatically is is made in order to avoid errors, for their raising, simply press on, or about them.
- to take away or lay out things from a pentagram, simply press on, or about a pentagram.
- to conjure on a pentagram something, you need to find a secret with the corresponding book.
- at 5th level of complexity you need to find all secrets – be cautious, after your actions you can lose a secret, and without having found it and then it will not be possible to finish level.
- Blood 1.21 OUWB Required.
- Transfusion version notes in "Readme.txt".
- Other version of this map will be in Bloody Pulp Fiction
Download Transfusion Forums Version: (4,49 MB)
Official Site
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This is without a doubt, one of the very best maps made for Blood and alot of fun. I especially love the outdoor shrubs and the "angle" of the fence behind the shrubbery. It's at an odd angle but looks very cool and gothic. Don't let the fact that it's made by a Russian keep you from playing this. It's made with alot of care and attention to detail.
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