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DOSBox Staging

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So earlier in the year a fork of DOSBox was announced called DOSBox Staging due to the dormancy of the main DOSBox project. It released its first stable release in August and was followed by the release of 0.76.0 earlier this month. I decided to see how well this new release could run Blood, and came away rather impressed. I was able to get a stable +60 FPS in Blood at 640x480 which looks glorious on my ViewSonic Q71 16" CRT display, with the CD music looping properly and having a working volume slider. Even 1280x1024 was achieving a playable +30 FPS in Blood.

You can see a video I recorded of all of the Blood demos running through DOSBox Staging at 640x480 with the FPS being shown by Gallium HUD: ... 0x480.webm

While obviously less important in this era of reverse engineered ports it is still a much better option for the purists out there. I have already played through all of the first episode of Blood again using the Linux wrapper with the DOSBox binary replaced. Now onto the more seasonally appropriate episode two. :drinkblood:
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