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Post by RedFanatic » Mon Feb 05, 2007 03:50 am

I apologise for the messyness and lack of spell checking of this post but it's 2:40 in the morning and i just don't give a f*** (i'll edit it later it's just i've delayed answering poor Wangho too long already)

Thanks mainly to the joining of Wangho to the forum my Dream of being
part of a Collaberative Blood Addon is here, unfourtunatly it's arrived
at exactly the wrong time since i have almost no time
to get on with editing.
over the last couple of weeks (and for the next few days) i've either been away or there have been people staying,
so to answer your question from the other topic Wangho

I really wish i could say i've got it done and started on the next level
but i haven't :( as yet but i WILL be getting some done soon and for now
i thought i'd make this topic as a home for the idea and any other's who
want to add a level or so.

When i've finished what i'm currently working on i'll have three levels
starting in the forest that you travel through discovering some kind of
training camp then you break into a storage and training camp next to a
river from which you get a little boat and sail down stream to a port,
get on a bigger boat and then...... who knows, this is my idea start for
a link to the Island of DeadLand which is just sort of a very loosely
connected base for some sort of episode or two.
i have a loose story for Deadland along the lines of a Gargoyle lord (perhaps connected to Cheoug) who has been creating an army and gathering hordes of weapons and soldiers, (i was planning to make it quite hard) but Caleb has found them before they're fully ready and takes it upon himself to kill everyone :twisted:

now i know that a story for an addon isen't absolutly nessecery but i
usually enjoy addon's with a good story better than ones without so since
i'm a bit slow on the actuall level building part perhaps i can come up
with a story we can build the levels into.

another idea that i got quite excited about (even if it's a little Blood 2-ish)
was the 'What if' episodes what if it had been one of the other chosen
who had been picked for greatness? where would they find them selves
after being put back into thier bodies? perhaps gabriel would be in a
shallow grave out behind some farm, or ishmael entombed under some elaborate temple or church,
you could even tailor the weapons or certainly the ammo types you get depending on the character the episode is about and they don't have to be long episodes just a few levels leading towards some character specific goal such as a special super weapon for Gabriel, an artifact for Ishmael,
and then you could end it all with that enhanced version of the Hall of Epiphany that was posted a while ago.

As for my contribution firstly the levels i'm working on of course but also if you need a linking level to one of your Wangho but
you don't really want to make it or know where to got send me you maps and i'll try to come up with some thing and get it
also have you checked out my Other maps section on the Purgatory site theres one sort of tester map i made called
'The Hall of the Mountain Queen' that could with a bit of tweaking fit some where it's a bit extream in some ways at the
moment but really good fun, anyway it's a thought.

Well thats all i can think of at the moment but i intend to get a nice solid week or at least a few good days at my levels
and then we can actually start putting stuff together, thats a point actually whos going to be in charge of final construction
and arrangement?

Post by Guest » Mon Feb 05, 2007 05:08 am

That sounds cool Red. I think we could make 2 big episodes together to make this a large addon. In another thread I stated that my beginning level is Caleb living the life of a homeless bum in a snowy city to discover the Cabal have begun invasion and spreading death. Caleb steals a vehicle and then travels across the U.S. stopping along a desert town, a swamp, cabin in the woods, a graveyard, and so on. The 2 last maps I have so far are Nuthouse and a backlot to the Nuthouse. Ill send them over to you so you can get some ideas maybe and see if you can find a good launch pad to your stuff. Maybe you can help with a few problems Im having with certain maps and sector stacking.

I think a map set aboard a ship would be cool, showing that Caleb is getting off the mainkland (U.S.) and going to Deadland. Let me gather what I have and send it your way

Post by Guest » Mon Feb 05, 2007 05:34 am

that was me 'Wangho' by the way. I tell ya, after making that Evil Dead map 'Within The Woods', I had a fun idea of making tv sets that you jump through in each level and each level being on the set of a famous movie. 'Within The Woods' came out pretty spot on and im very happy with it and I figure the 'Night Of The LIving Dead' set would make a great Blood map along with Frankenstein's castle, The castle from 'Fearless Vampire Killers', maybe the asylum from Session 9, maybe a death trap house like from Saw II. I think it'd be tremendous work though..
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A More Tidy Caleb
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Post by RedFanatic » Tue Feb 06, 2007 02:16 am

Yerah great idea about the film homage's i really loved those bits from original Blood and theres been loads more Horror films since then so that would be really cool.

as for the Collaberation......Awesome 8) it'll be a pan america slaughter fest :evillaugh:
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