The status?

General discussion relating to the Transfusion project.

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The status?

Post by RedDaemonfox »

It seems we're dealing with a lack of people here. I see that we only have a few people actively posting. That being said, is there any real development going on here? I think we should somehow try to renergize this community, but it seems like a PITA, currently speaking, to find anyone active in the project.

So, what are we dealing with in terms of community?
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Re: The status?

Post by Tchernobog »

With regards to the project itself - I do not think anyone is working on it at all, sadly.

When it comes to the community - we are actually better than we were, in that we actually have some new members posting on the forums as well as some older staples such as Slink, Joe, and N0t_mINe still checking in from time to time.

But there is no real development effort happening at the moment. We have gotten plenty of people who have joined and said they would love to work on it, but they have usually disappeared after a short period.

If you could try and talk with some of them again, maybe you could get somewhere.
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