I would like to Help!

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I would like to Help!

Post by sunn_lord »

I've noticed that development in this project has been slow due to real-world factors. I personally LOVE Blood (the game, not the fluid that our heart pumps). I think it'd be shame to see it go to waste and know from reading an older post things have been slow, can someone PM me and talk about me possibly helping out? I'm 23 years old and NOT attending college. I am married, but don't have any children, so I have a lot of free time (which I would usually spend on Total Conversions for eDuke32 [a duke nukem 3d port/enhancement] so I have some Build experience. PM ME! :evillaugh:
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Re: I would like to Help!

Post by Tchernobog »

sunn_lord wrote: I personally LOVE Blood (the game, not the fluid that our heart pumps).
What do you have against the fluid. It is what is keeping you alive you know! :P

*Hilarity* aside, I am sure whatever help you can offer will be appreciated. I am not involved with the project myself, currently DustyStyx seems to be the one mostly in charge (or at least the only one trying to drum up activity at the moment) so he should be the one you should be talking to.
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Post by joppe38 »

I think you support this project for posting to this forum!!
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Post by DustyStyx »

I'll send you a PM, but there are generally 3 areas that the project divides up into. Code, Mapping, and Media (models, textures, sound, etc.). Basically, pick your strong point and see what you can do with it.

We are currently using the DarkPlaces engine which is Quake based, so any eDuke/Build experience you have would help out with getting the media and maps converted into the formats that DarkPaces can work with.

I should probably also point out that the folks over at PostMortem are currently working on an eDuke port of Blood, if you feel more comfortable with that medium.

Post by christineb1979 »

Cool, i will try this one...
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