Transfusion uses Quake engine?

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Transfusion uses Quake engine?

Post by joppe38 »

Hi, I'm new to Blood community and new to Blood games so please forgive my stupidity...

Is Transfusion using the Quake 1 engine or other Quake related engine?
It looks like Quake 1 engine but the graphics and the sound are amazing for Quake!!
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Post by DustyStyx »

First, welcome to the forums.

The original release of Transfusion (1.01) pretty much used the original Quake engine. You could get it to work on WinQuake for instance. Since then we've been been using the DarkPlaces Quake engine, which has a lot of the same technology built into it that you will find in many of the more recent 3D engines.
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