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Transfusion FAQ

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This thread is intended to be a repository of Frequently Asked Questions about Transfusion. As questions are asked, by posting in this thread, or being dug up from elsewhere, they will (hopefully) be answered and then posted in here for all to see.

Note: it is intended for this to be a clean thread, meaning no extra comments from anybody. Questions can be posted, but once the question has been added to the FAQ the post will be removed. Eventually the FAQ on the main site can be fleshed out, or directed to here instead.


Why are you doing this?

Transfusion is intended to be the best thing next to getting the source code for Blood (see The Blood Source Release Campaign).

Why are you using the Quake1 engine instead of Half-Life or Quake3 or some other game engine?

In a word: FREEDOM. The Quake1 engine source code is free to the public!
Almost all other game platforms have what is known as an S.D.K. (software development kit) which gives you limited (but often more than sufficient) access to the game code, and no access to the game engine. This means that if we had chosen Half-Life for instance, only those who owned that game would be able to play it. Transfusion is available to anyone who wishes it, whether or not they own Quake.

Aren't you breaking laws by using Blood's art and design?

NOPE :) Monolith Productions and Infogrames owns all intellectual property rights to the Blood franchise. Jason Hall, the Monolith's CEO, has given us his blessing and we've even received help from Matt Saettler and Nick Newhard who lead the original Blood development team. As far as Infogrames Inc, who claim ownership of the Blood trademark, they have agreed to leave us alone given the non-commercial status of our project, mostly as long as our project name doesn't refer directly to the Blood trademark. That's why this project is called "Transfusion" (you may have heard about us as "qBlood" or "BloodBath" previously).

Will you be recreating the WHOLE game?

Eventually. The original 1.01 release, and the current beta releases, focus on just the Multiplayer part of Blood. That way we (and you) can play it quicker, while getting the majority of the single player game's functionality at the same time. When the time comes however, we will be tackling the single player levels one episode at a time, including the Plasma Pak and Cryptic Passage.

Can I run Transfusion with another Quake engine?

With earlier releases of Transfusion (the 1.0x series) it may be possible to use other Quake engines, such as GLQuake, TomazQuake, ToChris, or to run the game as a mod for Quake itself. As written in the manual:

Be aware that most Quake 1 compatible engines will require the original Quake data, despite the fact that Transfusion doesn't need them. So you may also want to have the "id1" directory included next to your Transfusion data directory.

To launch Quake using Transfusion as a mod, type the following command line: "winquake -game transfusion", if your Quake engine is named "winquake" of course. You may encounter a few minor bugs (Quake engines with a software renderer have a few visual bugs, in particular), but the gameplay should be very similar to the one we intended to create.

Recent versions of Transfusion after 1.01 e.g. 1.1beta3, are designed to run only with DarkPlaces, so it may be very difficult to use any other engine in its place. The Transfusion team offers no official support for getting these releases to run with any other engine, nor are there plans to change to another one of these engines.

I can't crouch! The original game let me crouch, why can't I do it here?

Crouching is not yet supported in Transfusion (as Quake did not support this feature). However it is planned to have crouching as part of the game, and it will make an appearance in a future release.