The Suffering

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The Suffering

Post by Fiend:Kamikaze »

Has anyone else played this game? Holy crap. It's freaky. Not just regular freaky, this game is psychologically scarring. It was ported from a console (and extremely well, I might add - savegames at any time).
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Post by DustyStyx »

I have. I liked it well enough. It got to be a little confusing in places though. Some of the puzzles really need to have gone through some sort of testing.
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Post by predator »

What is this game about?
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Post by da_weezle »

From what I've seen it starts off something like Unreal (yeah the first one) did. You start in a prison and everything's screwed up. Haven't played it though.

Re: The Suffering

Post by Guest »

Fiend:Kamikaze wrote:It was ported from a console (and extremely well, I might add - savegames at any time).
Savegames at any time was in the console version also.
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Post by -ED »

I was playing it, then i got stuck, then several days ago i found where to go! well, the game HAS flaws, but i'd recommend it to almost everybody who loves Blood. it has several levels very close to blood feel. it's a good horror game, has pretty interesting gameplay and definitely good plot. a friend of mine finished it already... i would say thatin many points this game IS closer to BLOOD then anything else.may be even to alpha BLOOD. at least player has ability to turn into beast. everything is dark and scary, the plot isn't that stupid like usually these days. and the game has several endings to my knowledge. at least two are there, may be more. some things however are... ah i won't say. flaws are not that big issues, so i'm sure most of you will love it once you past several levels... and when you get outdoorsto the island! :)
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Post by Gila »

this game is full of s*** actually. clearly visible it's a console game. by all the items and lots of action keys to activate them, it reminds me of "the thing" which was also good from one point of view but from the comfort of playing and controls it was horrble. same with the suffering. i like the rage mode though. loud thums, bass breath and happy-go-slashing is cool. although i still prefer painkiller - it's almost classic now. plus, demon mode was tons better. :)

i just don't like games that start with long movies, then some dude from the cinema thingy (the cinematic player) tells you to do something while you are actually busy killing these monsters, that's f*** retarded, games should be simpler, or we should divide them into two categories - normal, classic first person shooters, or interactive movies like this one. so far i played not much, but controls are frustrating, physics sucks, etc. we'll se how it goes.
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