Best Flash Game EVER

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Best Flash Game EVER

Post by scar3crow »

This may be old to some of you, but hot damn this thing is awesome.

Its got shootin, its got zombies, its got blood, its got fire, and its got an awesome goregrind soundtrack which the gameplay is synchronized with.

This thing is perfection in Flash.
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Post by r_cain »


Its a bit fast and very loud.

But great fun :guns:
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Not to be a dick, but...

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Post by Slink »

Butthead wrote:"Thatth pretty cool, Beavith"
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Post by da_weezle »

"This is the coolest thing I have ever seen..."
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Post by mouth »

oh yeah, played that last year sometime. cool little game! love how it slows down and speeds up. interesting concept, whether you like goregrind or not.
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Post by alenshowbrizz »

I love to play flash game. I played many times OMG games, Its all of those really cool game But I like most Tekken 5 game, Its so fantastic game, My fighter name is Jin. I have all the series of this game.Any buddy has to play this one?
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