Serious engine source code release

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Serious engine source code release

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Since we have not had much to talk about on here:
Hey guys, today we have a surprise for you. We’re releasing the source code for Serious Engine v1.10! It’s the very same engine that we used for Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter.

This month we’ll be celebrating Serious Sam’s 15th anniversary and we’re all feeling very nostalgic. Croteam’s Vyacheslav Nikitenko, who worked on the source code and prepared Serious Engine v.1.10 for this release, had this to say:

“Historically, this version of Serious Engine is very important for Croteam and for me personally. I created several mods for Serious Sam back in the day, before even starting the work on the source code, and it was a great tool for learning.

And it’s even better today! Obviously, Serious Engine v1.10 won’t produce top-notch graphics, but the source code is very well commented, easy to modify, and there are lots of user generated mods out there. This version has everything you need to build your own game – or just experiment. ... -released/

And a few more links about the release for us penguin players: ... tware.6792 ... oming.6814 ... ordon.6961

I have never been that much of a fan of the European swarm shooters, but it is always really nice to see some new source code releases in the post-Carmack era.
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Re: Serious engine source code release

Post by N0t_mINe »

Don't know if it's true, but a few posts complained about a lot of the serious release containing assembly/binary, not to mention bump mapping being stripped out.
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