OpenKatana: A Dark Replaces Recreation of Daikatana

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OpenKatana: A Dark Replaces Recreation of Daikatana

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For those of you who didn't know, someone had been working on recreating Daikatana's Quake-based pre-alpha on the Dark Places engine. Well... not exactly, but it is damn good looking. It's called OpenKatana, and it's also being made for Linux.

Of course, you will notice that they just changed the name to something incredibly mundane, Decay: Tempus. It just doesn't sound as good. (The creator claims that the title is meant to reflect the team's current direction, but it still doesn't sound very good). It hasn't had a release yet, but it still looks very good. Judging from the gameplay videos, this project looks promising. It's like they took what they liked in the pre-alpha and retail versions of Daikatana, and combined it with Quake's classic gameplay and the Dark Places engine.

Just check these videos:
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