Half-Life 0.52 Alpha: Possibilities?

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Half-Life 0.52 Alpha: Possibilities?

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Most of you are probably aware of the release of the Half-Life 0.52 Alpha demo that was discovered and given to the public to play. In case you haven't, here's the link from ModDB. It doesn't require Half-Life to play.


And here's some gameplay footage.


It still looks very Quakish, and has some features that I wished had appeared in the final version. It's amazing how far the game needed to go, yet a lot of stuff which we know from the retail game is here.

(For those still using XP, the screen gets yellow blotchy due to the GL)

Since it retains aspects of the original Quake engine, it makes me wonder if a port can be made for the alpha in the Dark Places engine. Could you imagine that?

The only instance I've seen Quake running something Half-Life related is this, and I don't how the author of the video pulled it off.


EDIT: Here's an addition. Someone managed to get the Alpha maps working on Quake, and the result is very awkward.

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