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Doom 3 Internet Meme Mod Prototype

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 08:00 pm
by Tchernobog
My brother has been messing about recently with a silly Doom 3 mod in order to try and improve his multimedia skills.
As the title suggests, this is the work I have done so far on a Doom 3 mod I am making. The premise is simple: place internet memes into Doom 3.

The footage is actually captured on my machine using the glc capture program and an interface I wrote to go with it called Soul Capture. Despite the fact that I am still stuck on my single-core Sempron until I can get my Phenom ordered, I am actually quite happy with the results of the recording. :)

Re: Doom 3 Internet Meme Mod Prototype

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 09:31 pm
by joppe38
Have you already finished the whole game?
Have you done any progress?
Where to download?

Re: Doom 3 Internet Meme Mod Prototype

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 03:59 am
by Tchernobog
Unfortunately he has not worked on it in awhile, and nothing playable has been released. Based on how he is doing it (replacing content in pak files) he would need to rework it to make it legally releasable anyway.