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Monolith Should Really Do an Adam West BATMAN Game

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 08:44 am
Here's something random: Monolith Productions should really do a BATMAN game. I know that FOX is in charge of MP, and BATMAN is owned by WB, but this is just my fantasy scenario. I would love to see a BATMAN game using the latest LithTech technology, but not the latest BATMAN. They should make a game based upon the Adam West BATMAN. Before you leave the theater screaming, let me explain.

Remember how NO ONE LIVES FOREVER what a funny game but still was serious and dark at heart? That's how they can make the Adam West BATMAN series into a good game: by darkening the campy atmosphere of the show so that its humor is closer to NOLF. The original music and campyness would be retained, but there will be violent murders and grotesque villains more in the spirit of the Golden Age comics. How to do this? By introducing the original Two-Face to the Adam West Bat universe, and making him the main villain. Also, the 60s Joker will be a killer again, and other murderous villains will be included to.

Think of it: a third person LithTech BATMAN game with Adam West as a voice actor, the stealth gameplay and humor of NOLF combined with the campyness of the 60s show, and a well-written story by the guys who wrote SHOGO and NOLF. AND with multiple choices a la DEUS EX, and with a whole variety of gadgets inspired by the TV show. Does that sound like an idea? :bat:

Re: Monolith Should Really Do an Adam West BATMAN Game

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 05:53 am
This is probably one of the most out of place random game ideas I placed in the forum, and it's never had a response despite being looked at with horror hundreds of times? Yeah, sorry about this weird thread.