So what are you playing over the Holidays?

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So what are you playing over the Holidays?

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Just to liven things up a bit here, I have decided to open up a new thread. :)

At any rate, I just finished playing through Shadowgrounds Survivor tonight, after having finally beaten the first one last Sunday. I was not expecting to say this, but I actually prefer the second one in some ways to the first. The original Shadowgrounds seems at first more appealing due to its stronger plot focus, but in the end the lack of a strong resolution kind of hampered that. In the end it came off more as a poor man's Doom 3, a nice game but not exceptional.


The more streamlined and faster paced Survivor, wich put a lot more effort into the actual gun play and skill elements, plays a lot nicer and the more thread bare plot suits it in many ways. I know the ending was vastly more satisfying than than the one in Shadowgrounds, mostly as it seemed more apt to the game that came before it. Plus the characters were more interesting, even though it was the characters that were the main plot point of the original game, and the lack of a resolution for them was the main problem with it's ending.

I have also been trying to play Dungeons of Dredmor, an Indie rogue-like with a Tom Hall-ish sense of humour. It is definitely a lot more approachable than some of the other examples of the genre. I mean, I have messed around with Nethack in the past (what serious Linux user hasn't?) but never seriously got into it. Though I should mention, that approachable does not necessarily mean easy or forgiving; this is a game that revels in inflicting unusual deaths.


The problem is that my current version will crash when trying to load up a save game which is on a higher level than the first, so I am basically stuck until then. My save games are fine at least, as this is only a problem with the Linux and Mac builds of the game, and people with Windows have reported that their formally unloadable saves remain intact when loaded from that version. Their technical guy says he is looking into it, so I guess it is just a matter of waiting for Desura to notify me of the update, though I would not expect anything until after Christmas at least.

So, what are you guys playing at the moment? :D
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