Remember: Duke3D Underwater Maps?

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Remember: Duke3D Underwater Maps?

Post by Slink »

Hey all. I just had a nostalgia flashback to playing Duke3D underwater maps. Remember those? I remember some particularly good user-made ones, vaguely. I thought it was a pretty cool ambiance in Duke3D. I seem to remember the maps having a sort of... umm... "The Abyss"/"Real Adventures of Johnny Quest"/"Sealab 2020/2021" feel.

Speaking of ambiances in Duke, that was one thing that the game did pretty well, as in the space stations, etc.
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We were just commenting here not that long ago after playing a bit of Duke again that no one really does underwater themed maps anymore in modern shooters. It almost seems that as soon as it became easy to do, when the leap to true 3D worlds happened, people just seemed to have lost interest. Which is a shame really when you think about it.

Blood had a some nice underwater levels as well, or at least water themed ones. The Build Engine seemed to spawn a lot of watery games, I can think of few that utilised the idea as much. Hexen 2 does spring to mind though, as does some of the earlier Quake games, but it somehow seems to have died out.
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