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OnLive... Live

Post by DustyStyx »

Looks like OnLive is opening it's doors and is offering a 1 year free membership on a first come, first serve basis.

If you don't know what OnLive is, it's a remote desktop, subscription based, gaming service. Basically it's an interactive YouTube Video.

The good news here is that if you are still rockin' a laptop that's crap for gaming (like me), or your on a Mac, you can finally start playing games like Batman or Borderlands.

The current catalog is limited, to just over 10 games, but should grow as the game publishers seek to secure their copyrights over games.
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Not to be a dick, but...

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Post by Slink »

Interesting, but it bears similarities to your oh-so-loathed Steam. ;) I'm just being antagonistic.

Anyway, for years, I've let games rule my life, in part. It's at least half the reason I didn't get more done on TFn. I'll talk more about that later tho... :P Rambling.

It looks pretty cool.
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Post by I Live...AGAIN »

You speak the truth Slink. World of Warcraft basically destroyed any time I had to work on games :(

I finally kicked that habit but thats another story.......
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