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Does anyone know about hooking up an xbox in Mexico? Do you need different cables? I brought my xbox to mexico but they have different plugs on the back of their TV's. Has anyone ever successfully hooked up an xbox they got in the states to a tv in mexico?
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Post by DustyStyx »

When you say different do you mean it just has a coax cable as apposed to the yellow, white, red audio/video cables on the TVs they sell in the US these days (sorry, I'm assuming your from the US)? Or do you just have an HDMI cable?

It shouldn't be to hard if you have the yellow, white, red cable. Try going to the local equivelent of a RatShack and ask for a converter. It's pretty much analog to analog at that stage. If you just have the HDMI AV cable, you're probably SOL without just getting a new AV cable.
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