DOOM II: Delta-Q-Delta

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DOOM II: Delta-Q-Delta

Post by Ransu »

This is a music remix project of DOOM II's songs made by great artists from that was worked on for 2 and a half years according to the site. It apparently was released just a few hours ago since I got an e-mail from ocremix about this at that time. The theme of this project was to have the songs to have an evil atmosphere sound to them. Personally, I think this project kicks ass with the techno, heavy metal, and the evil sound of it all! The songs are awesome! Here's the site so go listen to it! :D
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Post by Necrosis »

Thanks for the heads up, I usually enjoy any huge remix projects OCRemix has going on, so I'll be sure to check it out. I liked Dark Side of Phobos a lot, if you haven't heard that (you probably have) it was also a doom remix project.
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