My MapleStory Wedding

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Post by Gila »

maple story and other mmorpgs f u c k i n g s u c k a s s.

sorry. can't stand mmorpgs.
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Post by Ransu »

Haha, not many people can. It all depends on what you like. :)
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Post by mouth »

I loved EVE but realized it eats up way too much time and that's why I quit early. I'd still play it if it was free though. That way I wouldn't be forced to use the monthly money by playing it.
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I know a whole ton of people play it. My brother failed classes thanks to this garbage game and my mom plays it too. I think he quit once he realized one day it was the worst crap he could possibly be spending his time on, though.

I think the Fox News report on this game was the one time I've ever actually agreed with a Fox News expose claiming that the new thing kids are doing is satan incarnate.
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