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Shaw's Nightmare Wiki

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Hello, remember Shaw's Nightmare? I've started a wiki for it. Shaw's Nightmare is a retro 3D FPS. It uses the modified Build Engine by Ken Silverman.

This wiki is hosted on Miraheze, a wiki farm which uses Mediawiki, the same software as Wikipedia. I have done my best to jumpstart the wiki: basic pages, extensions installed, things test but this is obviously a community so I decided to post here.

I will keep editing open for now, but if there is too much spam and vandalism, I may have to change the requirements. This is a place for documenting everything about the game series and I hope people want to see quality content.

The link can be found here:

Please feel free to start editing! I've created several level articles but they are missing walkthroughs and there are still many level articles to be created. I will promote some moderators based on the quality of the edits made.

-- Michael Muniko, developer of Shaw's Nightmare
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