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BLOOD 3 should be filled entirely with scripted sequences, without any cinematics. The game should begin with Caleb's past, as a cold blooded killer in Texas. A lot of films and books could privde the inspiration (Unforgiven, the Magnificent Seven, okay, cross that second film out). Then, we should develop upon the whole relationship between Caleb and Ophelia, since you will witness the sick murder of his family. His involvement with the Cabal should range from the Turn of the Century to Prohibition Era (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Untouchables). Do you remember the mission based games of Deus Ex? Well, this is sort of like that, except more flesh out and emotionally involved. Practicing sacrifices and snuffing out opposition, bossing and physically pushing lowly cultists with their own individual personalities, and occasionally facing the Dark Lord beyond the Sea of Blood, not to mention having a few confrontations with the Stone Gargoyle, and eavesdropping upon jealous Cultists. The moment of Caleb's fall is cathartic, since he allwoed himself to cease humanity for the love of Ophelia (like Howard Cambell Jr. joined the Nazi party for the love of his blond wife, and paid the price), and his mindless dedication to an unknown deity ultimately deranges his mind, even after the traumatic sequence where you plunge into the grave.

For the graveyards, the physics of the dirt particles, the wight of the mud, and the overcast sky, fog, and concrete tombstones. Hmmm. Maybe the BioShock engine is suited more such an undertaking.

The whole game doesn't have to be recreated, but the stage must be set for what happens to Caleb in the future. His Quest against Tchernobog (where did they get that name?) and after Tchernobog should range around deserts Texas, the swamps of Carolina, bleak lands of Connecticut, Masschussets, Pennsylvania, hot sticky cities of California, cold crime ridden dystopia of Chicago, then to England, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, and finally, the City of Jerusalem, where the soul wrenching climax will take place.

Sorry that I'm taking a lot of space, but it MUST be said.

For the Demo, I'll set the scene: Your outside the a Haunted House at night, with corn crops in front, under a gigantic China Moon. Caleb in his gloved hand is armed with pitchfork, two revolvers, and a shotgun. A howl of painful ecstasy from the horizon. Absolutely quiet, not even crows or music. Caleb: "Ah! A nice little old fashioned home! Possibly some really nice people live there. I wonder if they could let me spend the night. I'm sure they won't mind. I'M REALLY PERSUASIVE." Enter house. Now the family of monsters could resemble the freaks from HOUSE, though full of cunning. Pitch black. Only your movements can be heard. Caleb tries to hum a nice tune to ease the unbearable silence. "Our House, is a very very very fine house, with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard." Sudden snickering. Hum louder. Creaks and cranks. Quick reflections in mirrors. "Is there anybody out there?" Either they'll to kill you right away, or you could work out something with Daddy. Try not to be too loud, or the Daddy of the household will think your trying to muder his family. Want to sleep for the night? Fine, but you must sleep with my daughter. Don't get too comfy. Don't walk in on Mommy in the Shower. Don't let the family's grotesque moldy grins get to close, you don't know what they could do to each of your individual body parts. Don't let ourself get cornered in the Victorian kitchen. Get badly scartched, run to the bathroom, and lock yourself in. Constant bangs. Point gun to door. Bangings stop. See yourself wrap the medical gauze around your bleeding hands. Open the door. Beast daughter was waiting patiently for you to come out. Rip your head off. Read a book from the library. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Whole family is sitting by the fire listening to you reading a good family story. The strive to survive may last a few hours before you're able to take a nap on a decent matress.

This is not very well built up, but you have a basic idea.
New mysteries will arise in the new Blood. How much of the continent has been infected by the Cabal's influence? Does Tchernobog have rivals? What are the Dark Gods ultimate plans concerning your destiny? When you go deeper into the game, such as the Castles of Europe, you begin to get flashbacks of a Crusader who shared as similar fate as yours. Flashbacks of the bleakness of the Dark Ages, the grotesque bloodshed of the Crusades, and the state of the early cults, whose influence turned this knight into another bloodthirsty undead, like yourself. Likely chances are, he's still alive.

Wrapping it up, the Cultists have squad AI, like the soldiers in Half-Life, and a high determination to shoot you off guard. The Monsters are more complicated, and generally more difficult to beat, because they can use your fear of the unknown against you... Hard. Ralph Steadman, the illustrator of Fear and Loathing and Las Vegas, could create the most depraved and disgusting creatures ever to animated. By the way, you face some a team of Chosen Warriors at very rare times, led by your alter-ego. Chances are, like the Assassins in Half-Life, they can use your fear of the unknown against you too.

I feel that you think that I'm dragging to far, so I'll stop. The point is, Blood 3: Inner Carnage (or a better title) should be more inspired than its predecessers. I advice against the Litech engine of NOLF 2 (its too wobbly), and lean towards more an Advance version of Doom 3 Engine, Source Engine, or the BioShock Engine (still in development). For story, it should have a lot of substance in it, and intelligence, in the vein of the satirists William S. Burroughs or Stanislaw Lem (and H.P. Lovecraft). It could be an incredible undertaking, especially for a sequel of a series of games which have yet to reach popular status.

I leave you now to debate. Think my proposition over, and agree or disagree with it as much as you like.

Truly yours,

The Heart of Darkness
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Post by DustyStyx »

Welcome to the forum THE BEAST. I hope you don't mind, I had to add a few hard returns to your post for legibility. HTML in general just ignores more than one space. (Willis is there a ":tab:" code for phpBB?)

I like the idea of doing a back story for Caleb, I've often pondered doing an expansion once Transfusion is done that covers Caleb's life during the Civil War, or shortly there after, with him playing a role subservient/manipulated by a Colonel with ties to the occult. It wouldn't necessarily be awash with occult, at least not initially. I'd keep Caleb (mostly) untouched by the supernatural, but it should defiantly expose him to some degree, leaving him wanting to learn more. In that search (end story line) he would eventually come upon a smoldering home on the plane.

Though to be honest for the Blood storyline to move forward, I really think Blood 2 needs to be redone to actually reflect the way things are written on rather than the half-assed, rush job that we have today. It would better define Caleb and the occult to a level beyond, "kill every mother-f*** last one of you"
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Post by Dimebog »


I must say that the idea sounds interesting, so if you ever deciede to write the story for Transfusion 3, consider this document, written by mister H.P. Lovecraft himself:

I use those canons every time I write horror fiction (which is my hobby).

Note that posting this isn't illegal for now the entire Lovecraft bibliography is public property... If you need it, I`ll post the bibliography too.
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