cultist ideas

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Callum Sanderson
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cultist ideas

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i dont no if this is appropriate, but i thought of some new cultist varients,
white cloacked cultists, that have flair guns, they are also transparent and have no shadows, [they are using invis cloak, just to make it easy for the player to see, they will only be tranparent]
shadow cloaked cultists, [they will be stealthish, and blurish, sorta like shadow green ninjas from shadow warrior and spectres from doom2] they will only come over and poke the player if the pitch fork,as you cannot see there gun if there blurish, welli hope you like my ideas!

ps are the akolytes a little smaller then other cultists? and the fanatics have deeper voices? just wondering, if what i noticed was correct :P
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Post by Willis »

Ok, so the split feature of the forum still screws up every time I try to use it, so all posts have been deleted...

In summary, all English ranting should be kept to general chat please.
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