Transfusion Needs Single Player Update

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Post by Necrosis »

Now, I wasn't messing with settings (at all), but it just occured to me, E3M1 was running at like 10fps for me. Prolly just all those damn innocents.
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Post by scar3crow »

Im just curious as to how you would know what a pregnant and superdrunk yak moves like...

Yeah, after all the content is in it will be a good idea to just comb through and touch things up - little things like the gate leading to the funeral home proper should be brush grouped into 2 seperate encompassing clip brushes with door tags, that way as far as the collision is concerned, that intricate gate is a solid surface when it comes to player movement. I only mention this because last night I was fooling around in TFn and on opening the gate, it started pushing me towards the wall because the central vertical bar had "caught me".

But yeah, TFn is looking quite good thus far, it is just slow moving because it is entirely on a volunteer basis that the work gets done.
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Post by Caleb_2k »

"you move like a pregnant Yak" - Lo Wang, Shadow Warrior
now lets make it drink a full beerkeg and let it walk away. and there you have it :evillaugh:
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Post by hund_ »

i dont know who in the hell owns the rights to blood anymore and i doubt who does knows that do 8)

try psyren's ... einfo.html
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Re: Transfusion Needs Single Player Update

Post by socialcharlotte »

Agreed a single player update of the classic blood would be great, and classic graphcs too.
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