BLOOD Bloodbath LAN in some videogames Festival

Want to spill some blood? Let others know and coordinate here.

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BLOOD Bloodbath LAN in some videogames Festival

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Hello, i wanted just show you the work I do with my stand (with BLOOD).

Since 3 years ago, i hosted a fps called "megaman", a fangame....but since 2015, i wanted show some others fps with 2 laptops/keyboard/mouse/other stuff more ^^

I hosted BLOOD for the first time in the Toulouse Game Show, a big videogame festival in France, i was a bit scared because BLOOD users map for bloodbath are bit dark or "not so beautiful" than the big solo maps...but people liked it a lot, i used some solo maps (like e1m1, e1m8 ect...) , with a good config, the dosbox version can run pretty well (and no crash):

Here is the link if you want check it ^^

Funny fact, sometimes, people think those kind of game are multiplayer only....i could host COOP but it could be hard to manage it (since im alone to manage 6 laptops with all the stuff').

I search for a pack or a good list of map for some bloodbath, with 3 players max.... need some "small" maps because we can't add bots...I did a list with the meltdown pack (duke online thing).
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