Quake 1 Maps in Transfusion 1.0

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Quake 1 Maps in Transfusion 1.0

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i took a comparison to the latest 1.05 Beta and loaded a Quake 1 map it didnt have any items
and when i used 1.0 which used Quake MDL Models and loaded a Quake 1 map for example "map asylum"
It has the items loaded in the map.

Screenshot in Action

If your interested to play these quake 1 maps with me with Transfusion contact me

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bryan.spurlock1
Hotmail : bloodconbryan@hotmail.com
Chat Room (Not IRC) : http://us10.chatzy.com/14001390568329

oh and how do i create a server for the game for the public and not LAN?
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