Searching for Issues for PC Gamer (USA)

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Searching for Issues for PC Gamer (USA)

Post by BEAST »

Recently, while balancing my thesis and creativity, I've been searching for and collecting issues for the USA publication of PC Gamer magazine. I've collected some PC Gamers by means of ebay, some of which include the iconic DNF issues and the issue which first previewed Quake. One of the problems is that, for some reason, there isn't a gallery or data base which shows all the covers for PC Gamer, and tells me which issues reviewed or previewed which game. I'm still looking for the issues which first reviewed Jedi Knight, Sacrifice, or Deus Ex. It's awesome to look at these old issues, which are chuck full of classic game ads and reviews from the time of my youth.

Are there any PC Gamer experts among my brethren in the temples of blood?
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Re: Searching for Issues for PC Gamer (USA)

Post by VGames »

I use to have a lot of pc gamer mags but none from that early of time. I hope u find what u are looking for. I've thought of doing the same thing but I never started. Best of luck to u. eBay I would think would be the best place to start.
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Re: Searching for Issues for PC Gamer (USA)

Post by Tchernobog »

The only PC Gamer I have is the the other famous DNF issue from when the game was re-announced in 2011.

I have some old Linux Journals with Loki Game reviews that I treasure though.
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Re: Searching for Issues for PC Gamer (USA)

Post by Willis »

I'm not sure Blood was ever featured in any previews, at least none that I remember or have found.

The actual Review for Blood is in PC Gamer July 1997 (Vol. 4 No. 7)

Edit: you'll find various useful things here:
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Re: Searching for Issues for PC Gamer (USA)

Post by I Live...AGAIN »

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