Been a little quiet around here

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Re: Been a little quiet around here

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VGames wrote:
Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:27 am
My Doom 3 mod is doing great. Got people making addons for it. As far as popularity goes for Doom 3 mods at ModDB, Perfected Doom 3 is usually in the top 3, mostly first, and for all time popularity its 3rd place. Behind 2 monster hits. The Dark Mod takes 1st and Sikkmod takes 2nd. I'm cool with that because I owe a lot to those mods for resources. PD3 is a success.
Now that dhewm3 has an SDK released to help with mod support I am wondering if you have ever thought of porting Perfected Doom 3 over to it.

Might actually be able to play it then. Once you go dhewm3 you never go back. :drinkblood:
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Re: Been a little quiet around here

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I'm sorry old friend but I'm not working on that mod anymore. The source is available for anybody willing to tamper with it and do what they want with it. But as for me I don't see myself going back to it ever unless it's to fix some game breaking bug nobody noticed before. But it's been years since any complaints like that have come up. I think the mod is 100% in the clear.
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