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by I Live...AGAIN
Sun Sep 12, 2004 05:09 am
Forum: Beta Discussion
Topic: Some beta 3 bugs and adjustments.
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I heve already fixed the clipping issue with Winter Wonderland, but for some reason now the weapons have all disappeared, I should have it fixed soon. I have found a bunch of small things with most maps but again, I'm not going to do any changes unless all the entity names etc...are finalized cause ...
by I Live...AGAIN
Sun Aug 22, 2004 05:02 pm
Forum: General Blood
Topic: Blood mod for Doom3 engine!
Replies: 36
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Creating something using the Doom 3 engine would be great for an addon, a new episode or even a Blood 3. Full access to game code would not be required for that...... What Transfusion is trying to accomplish is re-creating Blood "exactly" as it was in the Build engine so that it can be played on new...
by I Live...AGAIN
Wed Aug 18, 2004 05:16 am
Forum: Blood Bath
Topic: Blood LAN Game on XP? Can It Be?
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OK, I tested this on my lan tonight and it works fine, just get Blood to work in XP using the BuildXP page then change the Blood.vlp to point to setup.exe instead of blood.exe,, TA DA!!! Blood multiplayer in XP.... Very Important:::: Make sure you have loaded the IP...