Posting Rules for the Blood specific forum -*README*-

Discuss and hash out the Blood universe here.

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Posting Rules for the Blood specific forum -*README*-

Post by Willis » Tue Jan 10, 2006 10:22 am

Ok, evidently people haven't been getting the point as of late, so I'll make it a little more blunt.

This is a Blood forum, anything reguarding Blood in here is accepted.

Yes, many topics have been discussed multiple times by some of us, but not all. Please keep in mind that there are people who know less about Blood than us vetrans.

So, we now have the following rules in effect:
  • A) Search before asking anything hypothetical, make sure it hasn't been discussed. We do not delete archives (just non-sense posts), so you can search everything posted back to the beginning of this forum. The same does in fact go for non-hypothetical questions/posts as well.

    B) Replys must be on topic, any stray new content should be in its own thread. If you feel something has been 'done to death' don't compain about it here, just leave it alone and let it be 'done to death' by other people who may be interested in the subject. However, pointing out previous relevant threads is allowed.

    C) If it involves another game in any way, such as 'Ophelia vs Alyx' it does not belong in this forum. Thats not Blood, thats General Gaming.

    D) Don't ask why nobody is replying to a thread. The answer is always simple, they're not interested in the subject or are just sick of the type of question. Some things are better left unsaid.

I'd like to think this is simple enough for anyone and everyone to follow.
Once again, if you're not interested in a thread, just don't respond. Pretty simple.
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