LOI3: New Info!

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LOI3: New Info!

Postby DwayneA » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:52 am

I've finally put together the level outline for LOI3: Valiant Destiny. Part 3 will be my largest and most ambitious project yet, even more epic than LOI2: Unfinished Business. The game will have:

-48 levels in total! Almost double the length of either Scourge of Humanity or Unfinished Business.
-49 new music tracks.
-more new sounds.
-I will try to have more levels made from scratch as seen in episode 5 of Unfinished Business.
-Certain levels will be revolve around locations never before seen in the history of the Build engine, including a grain elevator, submarine, underwater base, ocean rig, and airship.

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