Want some Blood with that whine?

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Want some Blood with that whine?

Post by Tchernobog » Fri Aug 25, 2017 05:30 am

Just ran into this YouTube comment:
Relixa wrote:Keith, the reason you don't see many blood lps even when buying it from steam as one whole unit of blood is likely because ... despite being a very good, solid game, it's very much an archaic piece crap. Why? First you'll have 2 do dive right-the-f***-away, because it has the exact same issues as the old Rise Of Triad rerelease on steam unlike Duke Nukem Megaton Edition which can be consider a good port, despite not being able 2 run other Duke Nukem custom map packs. So whats wrong with 1 whole unit of blood? As i said, options menu is essential right-the-f***-away, as otherwise 1997 will come bitchslapping you with it's controls, gameplay, enemies and mouse control. Wait mouse control? Why is that bad? Calm down 911, we'll get 2 that part soon enough. Afrer entering the doomed options menu, which isn't practically modenised at all, if any. So then starts your first map 1: 2 f*** rebind almost every key indivually, and test their functionally afterwards which in itself is already a laborious demeaning menial task in itself, that will take you far longer than you'd like 2 admit. After beating map 1, you enter your 2 meet your next challenger, map 2: Gameplay settings and everything else under the f*** sun in the options menu, (except mouse controls, patience my child, patience) if map 1 wasn't a tip off that you're playing an original copy of Blood, on emulation, this part will be your 2nd clue that while purists like me would feel right at home, but even as a purist, i have some old fps standards that must be met. If you didn't already realize that this is infact a lazy, bad port that isn't properly fixed, map 3 won't convince you otherwise, as before throwing your computer out the f*** window, you have 2 deal with the rest of the settings, which isn't as fun as you might think, as there's no tooltips, forcing you 2 indivually turn on and off settings and see just what the flying f*** they do ingame, with trial and error. This is boring tedious, and you'll spend a lot more time here, much more than you wanted, testing and testing everything until they satisfy your preferences. All well you think, it's not like disabling auto aim and aiming manually like bad ass will be a problem, right? RIGHT?! And finally you'll meet the final boss in map 3: The f*** despicable, just plain intolerable limitation of the game engine, that should haveen ripped out and replaced, i present you with, mouse aiming that constantly autocenters with up and down constantly throwing off your aiming with a big go f*** yourself, as there is absolutely f*** zero things you can do about it, and nothing in the options that can help you turn it off. Yup, all that slave work you just did 4 f*** knows how long in the options menu, adjusting and calibrating everything, 2 have it all go down the toilet, making you want 2 destroy your monitor in anger 2 went your frustration. But, 2 add insult 2 injury, you are greeted with map 4: No achievements, lovely. Money well spent. Just what the f*** is this crap? Don't waste time buying it or playing it, and play the doom port Zblud instead, you'll have a better time. And that's pretty likely the reason why you don't see many blood lps.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-gBZvk ... 6CrijaDxFX

Spoiled brat, much? :drinkblood:
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Re: Want some Blood with that whine?

Post by VGames » Fri Aug 25, 2017 01:16 pm

LOL spoiled indeed.
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