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Post by No One » Thu Sep 22, 2011 03:54 pm

So, very ancient computer has got to hands:

Pentium S 120Mhz
RAM: 16 MB
Video: S3Trio (2MB)
HDD: Quantum FireballP AS20 (20 GB)

Last time joined in 2002 year, then it have cleaned somewhere in a crude premise. The power unit became wet, smells as a mold, and all "back" of the computer is covered by a thick layer of a rust (it was necessary to assort and scroll the fan manually that then worked).

Nevertheless I managed to prepare it for Blood.
Has inserted Wi-Fi antenn has bought USB slots, and as SB Live!, has install Windows 98 instead of 95 and has inserted СD-ROM.

Problem in that for game there is no memory (I didn't try to start, but just and it is necessary for Windows 16 MB) all works very slowly.

Memory is necessary type EDO (now there are two laths on 8 MB), motherboard: Chaintech 51GM. Somebody where such it is possible to get can advise? :roll:
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Post by Slink » Sun Oct 09, 2011 08:18 pm

Sounds like you need more RAM. WOW that is an old rig you have! :D
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